PUlsar learning centre

New Learning Centre in Oakville, ON

At Pulsar Learning Centre, we're passionate about preparing kids and teenagers for a bright future! Our engaging Tech Innovators and Piano Programs, guided by experts Dr. Dmitrii Paniukov and Dr. Ekaterina Paniukova, offer an inspiring learning environment for young minds to explore technology and music. From coding and AI to the art of piano, whether for mastery or just for fun, we provide the tools and guidance to spark creativity and build foundational skills. Enroll your child at Pulsar and set them on a path to an exciting, successful career. Let's nurture their potential together!

Our Programs

Tech innovators

Computer coding classes in small groups. We transform learning into an exciting journey by focusing on project-based activities and by infusing our lessons with gamification elements to make education both fun and engaging!


Small groups or individual piano lessons. Master the piano with lessons from classical to pop, dive into music theory, and explore the works of renowned composers. Play in ensembles or get ready for the RCM exams. Participate in music competitions and other studio events.

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