About Us

Dr. Ekaterina Paniukova, DMA

Dr. Ekaterina Paniukova, distinguished by her doctorate in piano performance and pedagogy and a master's degree in collaborative piano, has channelled her profound dedication to music education into significant entrepreneurial ventures. As the co-founder and CEO of Pulsar Music, she plays a pivotal role in organizing international music competitions and developing innovative software for music education, thereby expanding the horizons of aspiring musicians worldwide. Building on this foundation, Dr. Paniukova further amplifies her impact through the Pulsar Learning Centre, where her expertise as a seasoned pianist and educator comes to the forefront. At this institution, she commits to nurturing the musical skills of both children and adults, guiding them not just in mastering the piano but also in forging potential careers in music. This seamless integration of her academic mastery and entrepreneurial spirit underscores Dr. Paniukova's comprehensive approach to fostering musical talent and education.

Dr. Dmitrii Paniukov, PhD

Dr. Dmitrii Paniukov, with his extensive academic background including a doctorate degree in cognitive psychology and neuroscience, a master's in educational technology, and profound expertise in coding, statistical methods, data science, and AI, has made significant contributions to the understanding of child development and the application of AI in healthcare. His tenure at Alberta Children's Hospital was marked by scientific research into the developmental trajectories of children's brains. This foundation in pediatric cognitive development and neuroimaging seamlessly transitioned into his subsequent work at the University of Toronto, where he leveraged his insights into AI's potential to revolutionize medical imaging, bridging the gap between neuroscience and technological innovation in healthcare. Continuing his journey of innovation and education, Dr. Paniukov co-founded the Pulsar Learning Centre, where he applies his extensive expertise to empower the next generation of kids and teenagers to innovate and become leaders of the future.